I’m back! 2 days in a row, say what?! I know, it’s impressive! 😉 After yesterday’s impromptu post subject (because clearly God had more important things for me to write about!), I wanted to jump back in and share the exciting week we have going on. Lots of things to look forward too, some of which I can’t believe are even here already!

I would have had this uploaded a lot sooner, but my mom decided to surprise me by showing up for lunch while she was in town! What a fun surprise. I digress, let’s get started!


Honestly, not much is actually happening to start out this week. Mostly, just getting back into the routine after the weekend. Some dishes and laundry to be done, but nothing out of the ordinary in our Monday or Tuesday plans.


The first real even of the week is planned for Wednesday. I have a job interview. Surprised? Me too. I had genuinely given up on the idea of employment. Mostly because who wants to hire a pregnant lady in her 2nd trimester? I figured at this point my only options were going back to retail or food service. Don’t get me wrong, those employment options have been such big blessings for me in the past, but not something I see fulfilling me in this current season.

But I woke up early this Monday with a longing to add something else to the schedule now that I really am feeling the best I’ve felt throughout my entire pregnancy! So I hopped on indeed and got past my reservations and applied for a local preschool teaching position. I literally got a call back within the hour! During the talk I mentioned my current situation and the sweet woman over the phone didn’t even seem phased and reassured me it wouldn’t be an issue. So here we are with an interview scheduled! Wish me luck!


Secondly (and probably the most exciting plan for the entire week), We have our 20 week anatomy scan for baby on Thursday! This momma has been feeling some pretty consistent kicks and flutters over the last week so I’m excited to actually see our little one moving around with my own eyes!

It’s been forever since we’ve seen baby, so I’m excited to compare how much he/she have grown since our last ultrasound (last one was at 10 weeks.) My mom will be sitting in on the action so excited to share a little bit of the experience with her as well!

On top of all that we will find out if baby Hawk is a boy or girl! Well actually, we won’t officially find out the gender until the 25th. BUT, I am having the doctor write it down and put it in a little box. I’ll give the box to give to a close friend so she can get us what we need for the gender reveal!

The will power to not open the box before I give it to her is gonna have to be real strong! I’m so ready to know! I’ve got a nursery to plan!

I’m also meeting up with a friend to get our nails done at some point in the week, haven’t decided on specific day yet. It’s been a while since I’ve done any pampering and it’ll be nice to have a girls day to relax and relieve some of these aches with a pedicure/foot massage.

I really am a homebody aren’t I? Just 3 things scheduled and I’m feeling like a busy bee!

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• I am a wife, (step) momma, cat momma, preschool teacher, blogger and coffee enthusiast.
• I struggle with moderate to severe Anxiety.

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