A common theme I’m running into now that I’m pregnant is that my mental health -specifically my anxiety – is just referred to as a common side effect of my pregnancy. On days when it becomes to overwhelming to keep to myself I find I’m only met with phrases such as “it’s perfectly normal to worry about that, you’re pregnant!” Or “Well… of course your concerned about your baby, you’re a first time mom. My anxieties are simply shrugged off and reduced as being normal and pregnancy related.

I see this everywhere! I know that the language used in these sentences is mostly for the purpose of comfort but I can’t help but wonder what the repercussions are.

I want to clarify a couple common misunderstandings that come to mind.

First, being worried and concerned are NOT the same as being anxious. So, please clarify. Are they similar? Sure, in the way that ponds and lakes are both bodies of water. One is vastly deeper and more intricate than the other.

So, when you tell me of course it’s normal that I worry.. i’m left feeling unseen and unheard, because, I understand that this feeling isn’t just “concern”. The thoughts that play like a broken record in my head for hours at a time (or days), aren’t just me “worrying”.

Secondly, I am still me. Yes, i’m carrying a couple extra pounds, my hormones are a little wacky, literally all of my organs are being squished, and yes this is a first for me. But, I am more than just a pregnant soon to be first time momma.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that it’s normal to worry and have concerns as a new momma, without having severe anxiety. However, I’m a woman who – historically- occasionally has Mental Health Struggles. Please don’t just shrug me off because that’s the “norm”.

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• I am a wife, (step) momma, cat momma, preschool teacher, blogger and coffee enthusiast.
• I struggle with moderate to severe Anxiety.

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  1. I think you’ve got a pretty good handle on the situation. One thing I did was make a distinction between when I was feeling anxious and just feeling down. I referred to the anxious time as clinical or physical and the other as just life. I know the well meaning folks that say stuff may not know you well enough to know the difference, and those you’ll have to let slide. But the folks that know and care about you will understand the difference and not take it so lightly. I know time seems to stop when the physical is acting up, but these nine months will go by fast so enjoy as much as you can. 🙂

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  2. Thank you Kenneth! I guess my hope is just that someone will read this and take a second, the next time a situation like this presents itself, to dig a little deeper or just use different language.
    Other than the last couple weeks or so, I’ve been doing really well and enjoying every bit of this journey know that it will be over so soon! (I’m almost half way through already!)


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