Have you ever realized how much houses are like people? Okay — I know its a weird concept, but just think about it.

Looking at a house you think you know what to expect. You see beautifully decorated and painted walls. You see a strong foundation. You see a clean steady roof and pressure washed drive ways. You see freshly laid floor boards. You stand in awe, in the middle of it, admiring its perfection.

Except, what you don’t realize is that you aren’t seeing the whole picture.

You don’t see what makes the house function. The wiring and plumbing is all tucked away behind the walls. The boards that support a good portion of the very building you depend on are hidden away, invisible to the normal eye. A house could be days away from being inhabitable… and all we may see are the pretty embellishments used to mask what’s really going on underneath it all.

This beautiful home that we love with the paneled walls, freshly painted bedrooms, clean tiled bathrooms, and perfect layout… is riddled with electrical mayhem.

See where i’m going with this?

Just because someone looks happy, healthy, and thriving on the outside doesn’t mean what’s going on under the surface is running smoothly. Sometimes it takes a trained eye to see the signs, because they are there. Just like the small cracks in the corner or the exposed wiring under the cabinet, there are more than likely signs.

Do the issues underneath mean all hope is lost?

Of course not. We may be out of our domain when it comes to actually fixing it, but the most important part of the process has at least been done; We identified the issues and now they can be repaired by a professional.

My hope is that within this community of mental health advocacy, we can become trained eyes to see the little “cracks” and get them into the care of a professional.

You may just save someone’s “house” from burning down and collapsing.

Published by bestillhawk

• I am a wife, (step) momma, cat momma, preschool teacher, blogger and coffee enthusiast.
• I struggle with moderate to severe Anxiety.

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