Happy Tuesday!

It is Tuesday isn’t it? .. Nope just kidding it’s Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday!

You guys, my days are starting to jumble together as our moving day gets closer and closer. We are officially 2 weeks away. Geeze, even as I say that my brain goes “WHAT”. Time has been flying since we made the move official. It’s exhausting, terrifying, and exciting all at the same time. That’s usually how blessings go though.

I wanted to hop on here and share with you an experience that goes along with this move.. Telling our daughter that we are moving again. I knew in my heart that for her this move would be different than the last. She asks every week if her room is still the same. Making sure that it’s there for her when she comes back. A piece of me hurts for her every time she asks, but it comes with the circumstances and we are quick to reassure her that it will always be there for her. I don’t diminish the question, I simply reassure her.

The answer may seem obvious to me. She’s our baby girl, and I know a spot for her will always be here for her. That won’t ever change. But to a 5 year old girl, who doesn’t get to see her Dad and “Second mommy” as much as she or we would like, she gets to ask this question as many times as she needs.

When it comes to her reactions and feelings to situations I try to be on top of it. I think this probably just goes with motherhood territory, but I try to be extra sensitive to the fact that she isn’t with us majority of the time.  She’s getting older and more aware of this fact everyday and I want her to know 100% that she is apart of our family, regardless of if she is with us everyday or only during breaks and such. That being said, if you’re in a similar situation, conversations like this can be so impactful for your child.

My instincts were right. When we told her we were moving her response was “aw…why?” I could here the idea working around in her brain. Trey told her that he got a promotion at work. You could tell she was proud of him, but still unsettled. So I let her know we are packing up EVERYTHING she has here. I made a point to emphasize that nothing would be thrown out, and all of it would be coming with us.

I let her know that when we got to the new house we could go through her things together and she could keep everything that SHE wanted and then she could help me decorate. I was very descriptive. I told her how exciting it would be that we could paint her room and add all of the colors, flowers, and lighting fixtures (specifically a blacklight- is she 5 going on 15 or what??) she had been wanting. She’s been talking about changing up her room style for the past couple weeks so I knew that this would be a comfort to her.

At the end of our conversation, she was so excited. Yesterday she asked me again if all of her things were being packed up. I reassured her once more that it was all being pack up safely into totes to be put on the moving truck. Then she asked us a million questions about the truck and the moving process before going into all of our fun plans for when she stays with us.

If you take anything from this, it would be to let them in on the process 100%. Our children just want to be apart of our decisions and the details that come up. Let them. Especially if they can’t be there in person. Answer all of the million questions, and reassure them they are loved and apart of it whenever you get the chance!




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