Happy Saturday! I made it through another really crazy work week! I have been working full time for a few weeks now (don’t worry, I’m still checking in with my mental health constantly). While I’m exhausted, working these extra hours has been really great! I get to spend extra time with the kids and honestly i’m not complaining about the bigger pay checks. They are going to come in handy soon.

Did you see my Instagram announcement? It’s official, we are relocating back to Florida. It’s been talked about for months so honestly I am really grateful to have a decided path, versus an up in the air hypothetical plan. Another reason work has been so great is that it has been a great coping mechanism. It has been keeping me in the present moment versus my unplanned future. Hello Anxiety! I told you guys i’m not any good with being patient and not having everything mapped out!

Self check- How am I feeling?

I absolutely love North Carolina. I am truly going to miss this season of life, since it has offered me so much good in the last year. My mental health is back on track, I have a job that I absolutely love, and overall I found a sense of growth and stability in being completely on our own here. But alas, seasons change and it is time for a new adventure.

Part of me struggles with the idea of going back to where we came from. I think I worry that the change we have instilled and maintained here will revert back once we get there. As if we are moving backwards rather than forward. Deep down I know this isn’t the case (although I will definitely make sure I continue to use the boundaries and mechanisms i’ve implemented over the last year.)

I am really excited to be back in the sunshine and on the beach. I’ve missed my happy place. It’ll also be nice to be in the vicinity of family and have some of our friends back around!

Whats next?

After a ton of real estate shenanigans, which I plan on writing another post about, we have decided we are going to be staying with my parents in a small shed for the first couple months to save up for purchasing our first home. The reality of this is going to be messy, and has already started to give me some anxiety, but me and the hubby have consider this and a few other options and really believe this is the best short term solution to get us where we want to be. A couple months sacrifice will lead to the most gain.

So, my minimalist journey just got kicked into a whole other level. Downsizing from a 3 bedroom, 1500 sq ft. home is not going to be easy. Overall we don’t have a lot since I like to keep a more minimal approach regardless, but obviously between my stuff, my husbands stuff, our daughters room, and the cats… it’s more than this new 1 small bedroom space can hold. We will more than likely be purchasing a small storage unit for our bigger items and building a catio (cat patio) to ensure that our fur babies have some space to move. I’m going through our closet this weekend to get down to bare minimum, as this is probably where most of our “clutter” is. I will keep you guys updated on how we start decluttering here, the moving process, and then how we are making the small space work for us. 

Any tips on making the most of a small space? Looking for organization hacks or functional furniture. (Especially non-damaging wall hacks). I’ve spent hours on Pinterest looking, but wanted to see what has actually worked for some of you!

Overwhelmed but trying to stay positive,

Have a beautiful weekend and don’t forget some rest!


Published by bestillhawk

• I am a wife, (step) momma, cat momma, preschool teacher, blogger and coffee enthusiast.
• I struggle with moderate to severe Anxiety.

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