You all know I have been a little absent lately. My mind and body have been going a million miles an hour. I have been picking up a ton of extra hours at work recently due to a stomach bug that has wiped out most of our teachers and children. Here’s to praying that all of the vitamin C, water, and leafy greens i’ve been ingesting are enough to boost my immune system clear of catching anything.

I vaguely hinted on Instagram a few days ago that I have been absent due to God working on my heart. With out being too telling, God has once again been switching things up for our household. And per usual, his style is similar to the phrase “go big, or go home.”  Do you ever wonder if God waits for you to get comfortable where you are before he gives you something entirely new? I find so much grace and terror in that one reality; I’m thankful He has allowed me to become adjusted before giving us new instructions, but man I just got comfortable! If my life stayed just the way it is until my death, I would be delighted.

As we tread, once again, into unknown territory… I can clearly see that my faith in this area has grown but still needs a lot of work. This change has made me realize that in the last year I have learned an abundance about flexibility and following Gods plan for our lives, because he knows ultimately what the best path will be. I know this. I have witnessed so much of this over the past year. I no longer fight him until I am blue in the face to get what I think is better.

Yet still, I just don’t do good with lack of information. I want Him to give me all of the answers right now. I think I need every step of the plan laid out and given to me with detailed instructions right now. All I can think about doing is planning. I hate doing things last minute. The thought of not being ready when the time comes to set this plan into action sends my anxiety soaring.

We honestly don’t really know whats going to happen at this point. God has given us hints and general points in a certain direction, but no “green” sign yet. Which is the reason my explanation has been so vague. But I promise, when the time is right, I’ll share what He’s been doing in our lives! Until then, Join me in prayer to be content with the information he has given me and patient in waiting for the information he hasn’t.

Published by bestillhawk

• I am a wife, (step) momma, cat momma, preschool teacher, blogger and coffee enthusiast.
• I struggle with moderate to severe Anxiety.

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