I love January. I love the blank slate and fresh white page visual that comes with it. It approaches gracefully with such astounding peace and excitement. The old has finished and the new is here! However, I am a firm believer in finding the balance of leaving the past behind us while using it in our present. I will forgive the faults of myself and of others, but I will not forget them -in order to learn from them-. For this reason, I love using January 1st to pause, reflect on the previous year, and jot down some goals  (If you will, create New Year Resolutions.)

2018 Reflections

This year has been monumental to say the least. There were lots of tears, laughter, fear, hope, and overcoming. I accomplished so much in the 365 days that seemed to fly by! I am truly thankful for every moment that I experienced. Each and every one, big or small, has contributed to the woman I am going into 2019.

I lost a friendship that I thought I would have until I grew old, but in doing so found out who is actually on my team. On the same note, I also distanced myself from toxic family relationships. While these experiences were really hurtful and caused a lot of pain for a while (and still do occasionally), they opened my eyes on who has been in my corner and continues to stay there. They also made me aware of who I am investing my time in to and allowed me to evaluate occasionally on if I need to add a little more attention into or step back from some of my friendships.

We moved out of state, with just us and our fur babies. This took a lot of faith on my end, as I had never been more than 30 minutes from friends and family. However, I hands down think this was the best decision we made all year. It has flourished our growth individually, together, financially, and emotionally. It has been a clear reminder that God knows your path way before you do, just be still and watch him work.

We celebrate many milestones including our daughters 1st day of Kindergarten, Her 5th birthday (WHAT’?!), My husband and I’s 1st wedding anniversary, and my Moms 50th birthday! What a year it has been!

I have struggled with some of the worst anxiety I have had in quiet a few years, but with the help of implementing self-care, removing toxic triggers, and being proactive with my Mental Health I have also seen a peace that I have not experienced in a long time! I am no longer just working to get through life, but thriving daily. It is amazing what 365 days can do when you really use them.


Now that I have had time to reflect, I think it is really important to look ahead and set some realistic (and some fun) goals. While I do this, I also keep in mind that life is not black and white and circumstances will inevitably change. If I do something, YAY! If I don’t, It’s OKAY. My only purpose for goal setting is to keep my motivation going and focus on my priorities.

This Year

A bad Habit I’m going to break:

  • Eating too much junk
  • On the same note, I really want to get back into being more active! Looking forward to some warmer weather to get us outdoors!

A place I would like to visit:

  • Some where fun? Hawaii!
  • Realistically I’d like to visit the Florida beaches!

A book I’d like to read:

  • Girl, Wash Your Face!
  • I really want to get back into reading more! If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! Maybe I will start a “Monthly Book Report” post?

A new skill I’d like to Learn:

  • I would like to improve my social media marketing skills. Working on it slowly, but surely. Have you checked out my Instagram or Facebook profile? @bestillhawk !

Most importantly, I want to continue to being the best wife, mommy, friend, and teacher I can be!

What are some reflections you have had about your 2018? Anything you would like to focus on in 2019?





Published by bestillhawk

• I am a wife, (step) momma, cat momma, preschool teacher, blogger and coffee enthusiast.
• I struggle with moderate to severe Anxiety.

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