Acknowledging my “little person”.

Recently I have been coming across conversations that suggest acknowledging our little people (i.e. our childhood selves) is an important part of self-progression, self-enlightenment, and really just overall healing. Specifically, I watched a video on Ed Mylett's Youtube channel, with Julianne Hough and her husband, Brooks Laich. If you have not seen this video yet,… Continue reading Acknowledging my “little person”.


A Balance In The Rhythm.

I have never been a strict scheduler when it comes to .. well anything really, but certainly not morning or afternoon routines. Setting plans usually makes my anxious soul scream at even the idea. However, as you know I have had a lot of time on my hands lately and a rhythm was something that… Continue reading A Balance In The Rhythm.

The Burden of Social Media

Hello dear friends, I know it has been a while. Have you missed me? Finding time to sit still and write often gets away from me during the summer months. Don't worry, I always find my way back!  It definitely feels good to finally get some words on the page. In the past year, I… Continue reading The Burden of Social Media

Father’s Day; A New Meaning

Father's day has always been a complicated day for me, as my relationship with my own father has been anything but stable. I usually walk into the week before with so much anxiety about how to react. I go through the same cycle every. single. year. Do I buy a gift? Should I just go… Continue reading Father’s Day; A New Meaning

Just Plain Gray

Good afternoon friends, I am attempting to write a little later in the day today. Although, I woke up extremely early this morning, I have essentially done nothing but sit on my couch all day binge-watching "Addicted" on Amazon Prime (Which as a side note, has really made me miss changing peoples lives on a… Continue reading Just Plain Gray

Loving, Motivating, Me.

Me and my husband had a really intense heart to heart conversation recently, that lead to a really profound mind change for me. He said something that reminded me that for the last couple weeks I had lost sight of a concept that I usually think about often. He said, “I just want to make… Continue reading Loving, Motivating, Me.

A Flaw In Conversation.

Today's topic hit me out of no where. Literally. I woke up this morning and honestly had zero intentions of discussing anything in this realm (in fact I was planning on talking about vacuuming, but we will save that for later.) I try and keep my nose out of politics as much as possible. I… Continue reading A Flaw In Conversation.